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5 Aspects of an Amazing Proof of Concept

Project-Based Testing

A well-done Proof of Concept, or PoC, can make or break a software testing project, particularly in regards to software testing outsourcing. Wikipedia defines Proof...

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White Paper

Results Based Testing

Project-Based Testing QA Optimization

Results Based Testing (RBT) is a new software testing pricing model that sets forth the expected value to be delivered by the Testing Teams. Imagine your testing provider making a commitment to find 97% of the defects in the system. Can that be measured? What would that be worth? What would be the impact on the customer-provider relationships and accountability? How can you bind that commitment? This white paper will attempt to answer those questions.

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Case Study

Qualitest Delivers Regression Testing for Atkins – Service Desk Online – Incident Solution

Global Delivery Project-Based Testing

Atkins required a regression test of their web-based Service Desk Online (SDO) service, specifically the area that dealt with Incidents. Through the QTC’s cost-efficient model, Qualitest were able to achieve this, delivering remote testing, removing the need for site presence and keeping costs down.

Case Study

Qualitest Group Delivers Turnkey Healthcare Remediation Project Following an FDA Warning

Healthcare Managed Testing Services Project-Based Testing

A global healthcare corporation received an FDA warning for a sophisticated medical device. The company failed to meet the required quality level in their testing requirements, documentation and maintenance procedures. After further investigation, the healthcare corporation understood that there was a significant gap between their current status and the desired quality and testing level. To resolve the issue and remove the FDA warning, the company approached Qualitest to perform a remedial project.

Case Study

Qualitest Managed POS Testing for a Leading Global Retailer

Managed Testing Services Project-Based Testing Retail

When you’re a large commercial retailer and etailer, it is important to improve your testing abilities. Identifying gaps and risks early in the process, catching bugs earlier, avoiding project delays, improving and increasing test coverage, and developing an automation plan all contribute to creating a better product.