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Case Study

Qualitest Validates Media Company’s Entry into Service Oriented Architecture

Media & Entertainment SOA

The client decided to implement a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model that identified over 100 web services and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) involving 17 new and existing systems to communicate with each other. The testing would involve testing the calls to the ESB, the business rules that determine the service(s) going to the downstream systems and the business rules that translate the responses back from the downstream systems into the responses going to the originating system.

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Energy company
Case Study

Qualitest Helps Energy Company‘s Upgrade to SOA Architecture

SOA Utilities

To meet consumer demands for cheaper and faster development of new systems and improving existing systems, EDW is entering a digital transformation journey to re-architect their system following SOA principles. EDW approached Qualitest to create a test approach and solution for testing in their new way of working, being able to test services from an API level in isolation, integrated together and complete end-to-end testing.

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White Paper

Qualitest’s Unique Approach to SOA

QA Optimization SOA

This white paper will explore the components of SOA, then focus in particular on the services and service bus aspects of the architecture. These two areas are where Qualitest’s approach to SOA testing is differentiated, offering unique advantages to your organization.

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SOA is Not DOA — It is Alive and Well


Is SOA DOA? Not by a long shot, and here is why.

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