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How Mobile App Testing Makes or Breaks Mobile User Experience

App & Web Mobile and Web Dev Telecom

When building a first-class mobile app, developers should always have mobile app testing at the forefront of everything they do. But what is mobile app testing, and why is it important?

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Telecom software testing
Case Study

Qualitest Enables Global Telecom Leader to Take Quality and Efficiency to the Next Level

QA Optimization Telecom

The Client wanted to strategically move away from flex and towards fully managed testing services, to establish enhanced QMO to drive improved data driven decision making and analytics.

Case Study

Qualitest Delivers Real World Testing Under Real World Conditions to Unisfair

App & Web Media & Entertainment Telecom

The client needed to identify issues encountered in the “real world” that affected the quality of the broadcasts, specifically focusing on elements such as the smoothness of transitions and the general user functionality and experience throughout the broadcasts.

Case Study

Customized Training Solutions

Risk-Based Testing Telecom

After an externally led review of the whole IT organization and associated processes, the client undertook a technical transformation programme. This generated a number of requirements for education and support around the implementation of new testing practices. To ensure independence and industry ‘best practice’ was captured Qualitest were engaged.

Case Study

Flexible Resourcing

Managed Testing Services Telecom

After establishing a web based email portal for the UK arm of their global mobile telecoms company, the Client wanted to upgrade the functionality to include calendar and address book functions. This in turn would lead to the ability to synchronize data from handsets with the portal in a later project.

Case Study

Qualitest takes Full Responsibility for Signaling and RTP Testing of New LTE Network Implementation at a Leading Global Telecom Operator

CRM Telecom

The mobile operator’s implementation of advanced networks to replace the legacy Sigtran network introduced a way more complex protocol, demanding increased testing and validation challenges.

Case Study

Qualitest Automation Makes for Better Solutions

Global Delivery Telecom Test Automation

Qualitest works with a telco client to bring their Automation up to speed.

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giffgaff Web 2.0 Launch

Managed Crowd Testing Telecom Test Automation

Qualitest were approached by the giffgaff’s Chief Technology Officer to design, implement and manage the entire end-to-end testing solution prior to launching the brand. The end-to-end testing scope included the complete service proposition and infrastructure, including: web technology, back-office environment (including billing), supply chain, customer services interfaces, business processes and the mobile network integration.

Scaled Agile
Case Study

Qualitest’s End-to-End Testing Solution Modernizes a New Financial Branch

API QA Optimization Telecom

giffgaff’s launch into the financial market, coupled with Qualitest’s improvement of their agile best practices, brought a white-label loan process in-house with a goal of leveraging a 500% growth in loans. Here’s how we did it.

Case Study

Qualitest’s Roaming Testing Cuts Cost by about Half and Saves Time

Managed Crowd Testing Managed Testing Services Telecom

Qualitest helps a client with Managed Crowd Testing solution, significantly reducing time and cost.

Case Study

Qualitest Independent Test Center helps Telecom Operator to enhance Triple-Play infrastructure

CRM Telecom

The 3-year project enabled this company to provide multi-vendor network integration services for the customer’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network.

Case Study

Qualitest Helps Telecoms with Customer Experience Analysis

App & Web Telecom

This project focused on in-house abilities to learn and extract customer behavior data through COTS data analysis tools, instead of deploying new website pages or functions. With no devoted development team, scrum master/test lead or PO, the outcome fell mostly on one team’s DDM (digital development manager) and a QA. Targeting the overall site required a good understanding and familiarity with many different site sections and functions.