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Unleash the hidden power in your AWS.

Tap the full potential of Amazon Web Services to improve business outcomes through our safe cloud migrations, customized test automation and relentless focus on your ROI.

how we can help you

Migrate apps with zero downtime.

Avoid business disruption and data loss or compromise during AWS migrations. We’ll assure continuous app functionality, including connectivity to third-party applications.

Test core business processes
in minutes.

Protect data
with shift-left cyber, continuous integration and automated reconciliation.

Speed up releases
with proprietary AI-driven tools.

up to 80% of critical testing.

Your Benefits

Reach your AWS goals faster.

Whether your AWS implementation is a re-host, re-build or replace, we’ll get your project up and moving fast so you start seeing results ASAP.

Cut lead time.

Cut project lead time to the “quick” with AWS LaunchPad, our massive collection of deployable templates covering requirements and test cases.

Accelerate releases up to 6x.

Avoid human error, improve efficiency and crush critical timelines with AI and automation.

Shrink risk.

Test less, spend less and get more. Our AI-powered Risk-Based testing technologies prioritize tests based on business impact so you test only what matters most.

Ease workloads.

Cloud migrations can be a drain on precious time for IT staffs. Our experienced teams of business flow analysts and quality engineers can cover everything.

Our Solutions

We’ll fashion a plan that’s a perfect fit.

There are hundreds of ways to use the AWS platform. Whatever your focus, we’ll help you maximize your investment with automation frameworks and a performance toolkit custom-tailored for your business priorities.

System Integration Testing

We’ll help reduce the risk of AWS incompatibility with your unique, complex ERP landscape—a major issue in cloud migrations.

Secure Data Migrations

Move sensitive data to AWS safely from third-party vendors and disparate systems with our integrity and data quality checks, plus automated reconciliation protocols.

Customized Test Automation

We’ll assess your requirements and choose the most effective plan, from a one-time solution to DevOps continuous automation or in-sprint automation for Agile teams.

User Acceptance Testing

Ensure your AWS implementation is fit for use, not just fit for purpose. We’ll test performance and validate requirements with a full range of business and user scenarios.

Shift-Left Cyber

Our shift-left testing approach identifies issues earlier in the SDLC, when they can be fixed with less expense and risk of delay.

“Qualitest assisted by developing an automation framework to script, execute, provide source control and integration with our Quality Assurance tracking tools. I found them to be highly qualified, flexible and provided great value. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in test automation.”

— Marshall Ebright, Florida Hospital


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