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IoT testing – connecting the dots for you.

Testing Internet of Things devices is complex and requires a very specific set of skills, experience and expertise. Get ahead of the competition with our specialized IoT assurance solution.

how we can help you

With great connectivity

comes great responsibility.

Internet of Things testing can be difficult for organizations. It often combines new technology with rapidly developed software on newly created hardware, where critical bugs concerning reliability, safety and performance are often overlooked. We offer comprehensive IoT testing services to ensure that your product will work flawlessly, safely, and meet necessary standards.

Bring down your testing spend
from 25% to 15% of project budgets.

Reduce your experts’ time
spent on testing to less than 10%.

Cut program timelines
by up to three months.

Test faster
with our reusable assets.

Your Benefits

Your IoT products are our top priority.

Our primary purpose is to ensure the quality of your IoT products and protect your business. We focus on the four core elements that will help you effectively and accurately deliver what you need, when you need it.

Effective Risk Management

Know exactly what to test. Define your risk profile based on time, cost and quality.

Better Automation

Test core business processes in minutes. Fast and easy maintenance.

Helpful Analytics

Shift-left based on learning and improvements. Identify blockers and streamline activities.

Boosted Performance

Improve performance regression testing and end-user experience across platforms.

Our Solutions

Your one-stop IoT testing solution.

Qualitest offers a full range of security, performance, interoperability, robustness, In-the-Wild and mobile app testing. We use our unique advantages to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Deep industry-specific knowledge

Using our technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets, we deliver results by combining customer-centric business models, critical thinking and the ability to gain a profound comprehension of your goals and challenges.

Regulatory expertise

We utilize our regulatory requirement familiarity in many industries and countries to verify regulatory compliance, and convey the details of your compliance, so that your IoT product launch will succeed.

Real-world testing capabilities

We only use real devices for our testing. As a pure play testing company, we feel that emulators and simulators do not guarantee real-world results.

“They have serviced all our testing needs for several years now. The expertise of their people, and the combination of core managed service and responsive flexible resourcing, enables us to assure all our business and technical requirements change efficiently and effectively.”

— Jo Morris, Senior Delivery Manager, EE


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