Insights Blog When Does it Make Sense to Outsource Performance Testing?


When Does it Make Sense to Outsource Performance Testing?

Performance testing is vital to delivering software that your clients can trust. Does outsourcing this process make sense for your business?

No matter the scope or scale of your business, delivering software that your customers can trust will perform as expected and make their jobs easier is essential to growing your brand.

A key part of ensuring that your business is providing the type of products that exceed customer expectations is by performing the necessary testing on their functional and non-functional capabilities. Although many of these tests can be done in-house, one of the most complex to complete thoroughly is software performance testing.

Because of this, many organizations consider outsourcing this phase of testing. One advantage of independent testing is a higher focus on quality. But is that the right decision for your business? 

This article will explore some of the key benefits of outsourcing to help you make the best decision for your testing needs.

Questions that drive the decision to outsource performance testing

The decision on whether or not to outsource performance testing is made differently by each organization. However, in every case, the following questions can help you make the right decision for your business:

How much time do we have?

If you are trying to meet a deadline or would benefit from the efficiency of using experienced testing professionals, then outsourcing could fit your purposes.

Do we have the right expertise?

If you are questioning if you have the right staff or enough staff in-house, then an outsourcing partner can introduce you to experts and processes to help get the job done.

Do we know what we don’t know?

It can be difficult to stay ahead of trends in technology, tools, and techniques in addition to your regular work. If you feel like your team isn’t taking advantage of advancements in the field, an outsourcing provider can help make sure your organization is staying ahead of the curve.

Do we have the right technical tools?

Conducting performance testing in a correct, auditable way requires the right technical tools to appropriately put your software through all the necessary tests. If you don’t have all of these tools readily available, then an outsourcing provider can help you find the right ones to get it done.

Are the right outsourcing providers available?

In addition to being experienced in performance testing, an outsourcing provider needs to understand the importance of being responsive, flexible and serious about maintaining your schedule. 

The benefits of outsourcing performance testing

So what could the decision to outsource your important software performance testing mean for your business? 

Similar to outsourcing other critical IT services to trusted partners, choosing to utilize an external services provider to conduct your performance testing can come with many financial and operational benefits.

Access to skilled professionals

In general, it can be difficult to recruit and retain IT professionals, so finding the right skill sets at the right time to plan, manage and run your performance testing can be an even harder challenge. 

Instead, taking advantage of the large pool of diverse, skilled and available professionals that work with a managed services provider not only removes the work of finding and keeping the right staff on board, but also gives you the ability to be very precise in what types of resources you need.

Better focus on testing

Outsourcing your testing to an external group of professional testers also means that this vital task is conducted by an independent and dedicated team that is solely focused on this type of work. That add an additional layer of precision and efficiency for an otherwise highly variable task.

Save time and money

Especially for small, growing businesses, testing means having staff perform multiple roles at once. This can cause other projects to be left unstaffed or put extra pressure on your existing staff.

Outsourcing your performance testing means gaining access to professionals that can perform the work instead of your staff.  Then, once the effort is done, the managed services staff can move on to other external projects. 

This leaves more time and money for your in-house staff to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Flexibility and scalability

Finally, establishing a relationship with an outsourcing provider means having the ability to scale your needs up or down based on operational conditions.

In having access to the right staff at the right time, you can scale the number of resources you need with just one call. A managed services provider can also help you design your testing to take advantage of their internal tools and resources and make the process run more smoothly.

Take the next step

If you are interested in learning more about how an experienced performance testing provider can help your organization exceed customer expectations, the team at Qualitest would love a chance to speak with you. Contact us and our experts will help you find the right solution for your business.