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Qualities We Live By


We build relationships through understanding. We strive to understand the big picture. We seek to understand and respect ourselves and others.


We build relationships through understanding. We strive to understand the big picture. We seek to understand and respect ourselves and others.


For our employees, our clients and our communities. We anticipate our customers’ wants and needs and act accordingly. We are responsive, proactive and precise. Our do/say ratio is one.


We learn from others and share knowledge that deliver results. We lead by example. We create Qualitesters who deliver the best solutions in the world.


We are dedicated to innovation and thinking intelligently so we can create unique solutions that stretch our clients’ thinking and take them to the next level.


We are team players. We build relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and inclusiveness. We work as One Qualitest and excel at collaboration to deliver the highest level of quality for our clients.


You are the brand. Our reputation is built on your integrity, excellence and professionalism. 
As a brand ambassador, you set high standards for yourself and your teams.

“Growth and impact underpin all that we do. Qualitest is dedicated to helping others reach their potential. We make it our mission to empower our employees to become our ambassadors of knowledge and expertise and to share their experience with our clients.”

— Einav Lavi, Chief People & Talent Officer

Empower. Engage. Overcome.

At Qualitest we strive to create a positive social impact on our communities. We take the same approach that we do with our business clients – we’re here to help others grow, advance and reach their potential – and we use all our resources, capabilities, knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

Where You Can Be You

Diversity & Inclusion

We recognise that a diverse, inclusive workplace drives true innovation and leadership. Embracing different viewpoints and experiences is a principle we put to work across the board, finding and supporting talented people, no matter where they come from or who they are, to achieve their very best from the moment they join us and throughout their career at Qualitest.

Women in Tech

Currently over 35% of our workforce are females. We are committed to increasing the gender balance even higher, to support and encourage women’s active participation in our projects. We value and recognize the contribution women make across Qualitest.

Autism in Tech

Qualitest and the non-profit organization NFAR (The National Foundation for Autism Research), are collaborating to help people with autism fulfil independent and productive lives while filling much-needed technology positions.

Veterans Program

Veterans have a commitment to excellence and a dedication and determination that can contribute to outstanding success. Qualitest appreciates the discipline and values possessed by military veterans. We help them transition to civilian life and provide veterans with lucrative career opportunities.

QT Social Network

Developing our employees’ sense of community is a priority for Qualitest and we continue to invest in finding new ways for everyone to get together and have fun.

Special Interest Clubs

Being part of Qualitest means being part of a group that does more than just work together. In India we have our own biker club that meets regularly, while in the US we have regular board games as well as a poker club.


Our Meetup program rewards employees’ meetups, because we like to encourage everyone to keep learning, networking and developing themselves. We sometimes host our own QT meetups as well.


We participate in (and sometimes also host our own) hackathons as a way for us to share knowledge, achieve goals we set ourselves and also just have a good time together.

Recognition Programs

Qualitest believes that motivating, developing and rewarding employees is essential. We have created the Qualitest Awards & Recognition program to recognize individual as well as team efforts.


The QualiStar Awards are given to employees who have been nominated by supervisors and managers for showcasing Qualitest QUALIties in the work they have done on client projects or in the contributions made to Qualitest as a company.


Peer To Peer Shoutouts

Qualitest wants to encourage employees to recognize one another throughout the year, so we’re rewarding those who get peer to peer shoutouts every quarter with branded QT items, lunch with a manager, tickets to the movies, Amazon gift cards, and much more.


Platinum Clubs

Out of the QualiStar Award, one employee from each region will be given a pass to the Platinum Club and a 3 days trip to one of Qualitest Test Center’s cities around the world.