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Case Study

Qualitest Assures a UK-wide Ministry of Defense Facilities Data Migration Project

Aerospace & Defense Data Validation ETL Testing UK Public Sector

When this UK-wide Ministry of Defense body undertook a data migration project across all their facilities, Qualitest provided support across all aspects of the migration.

Case Study

Qualitest Helps Leading Biopharma Organization Regulate Digital Products in a Healthy Way to Ensure Success

Healthcare Pharma Test Environment Management

When it came to their biggest projects, this leading biopharma Client came to us for help to provide them with a strong and robust testing environment for maximum success.


Embrace Fintech’s Transformational Changes, but Handle with Care

Banking & Financial Services Digital Transformation

Tips and strategies for adopting new technologies and managing risk in a rapidly evolving market.


Without Shift-Left Security Testing, Your Customers Are Vulnerable. Make Your Move Now

Cyber Security DevOps & Agile

Security risks are surging across industries, and traditional security testing offers too little protection, too late. Here’s why organizations need to move testing earlier in the SDLC, or shift left, and what elements to consider first.


Testing AR and VR: How Quality Assurance Can Ensure User Satisfaction in Real Life

Digital Transformation Gaming Media & Entertainment Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two emerging technologies that enable users to interact with digital content in immersive and interactive ways. But how can we ensure these applications are of high quality and provide optimal user satisfaction through testing?


Why Understanding Your Testers Needs is Critical for Software Success

Continuous Testing Digital Transformation Managed Testing Services

Whether you are building a mobile app or a something much more complex, building testing time into each software development project is an absolute must. Find out why understanding the needs of your testers is critical to the success or failure of your software projects.


Innovating for Efficiency: How Digital Transformation Can Benefit the Water Sector

Digital Transformation Utilities

The water utilities market is on a huge growth path, and the optimization of water resources is a big job. Find out how digital transformation can benefit the water sector in this blog

cloud migration
Case Study

Large UK Local Authority Achieves Faultless Migration from On-prem to the Cloud

Cloud Managed Testing Services UK Public Sector

When Essex County Council decided the time was right to move from an on-prem data center to a cloud-hosted one, they turned to Qualitest to de-risk the migration data at rest and in transit.

Staff augmentation services

Taking Your IT to the Next Level: The Immense Value of Staff Augmentation Services

DevOps & Agile Managed Testing Services QA Optimization

How periodic and time-limited augmentation of in-house IT staff – the drafting in of expert digital Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering personnel - can add immense value and improve your bottom line.

enterprise software quality engineering
White Paper

Low-code Development: Simple, Affordable and High Performance. What’s the Catch?

App & Web DevOps & Agile UX & Usability

Low-code development could be a panacea for any business in need of software development fast. But does the reality match the hype? We analyze low-code development to reveal its strengths and weaknesses.

White Paper

Elements of a Successful DevOps Transformation

DevOps Transformation

In this white paper we explain why organizations need to see DevOps as a journey without a destination - a continuous journey towards greater and greater value and quality for your customers, with tangible results visible along the way.


Retail and Fashion: How to Supercharge Your Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Sales

Digital Transformation Fashion Retail

The retail and fashion industries are showing no signs of slowing down despite the global cost-of-living crisis. But how can organizations tap into their direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales? Our new infographic illustrates the exponential growth of the retail and fashion industries, together with some ways organizations can boost their DTC sales.

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