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What Makes a Good Test Manager

Managed Testing Services

In essence, a good test manager should ensure each project they work on delivers a quality outcome that delights their customer. However, that’s easier said than done and in most cases it isn’t something that comes naturally.

Hand with remote control pointing at a wall of multimedia

How Media and Entertainment Companies Can Monetize Personalized Search With Content Search Testing

Digital Transformation Media & Entertainment

Qualitest senior engineers, Deepak Kumar and Ajay Gehani, reveal how content search testing can help media and entertainment companies keep up with digital transformation and the rapid growth in personalized search.


Okta Breach by LAPSUS$ Attackers

Cyber Security

The infamous attacker group Lapsus$ has recently released numerous screenshots in its Telegram channel claiming to have gained access to Okta’s “Super Admin” and systems and claims that it found Okta storing AWS keys in Slack channels.

Quality engineering for hyper-personalization

The Crucial Role of Quality Engineering in Hyper-Personalization

Media & Entertainment Qualisense Testing of AI

Hyper-Personalization is changing the way we enjoy our leisure time. It is more advanced than traditional segmentation techniques and thus presents unique challenges to companies to ensure quality.


The Right Way to Shift Left? Start with Requirements Gathering

DevOps & Agile Education Test Automation

We all know that the earlier a defect is found, the more time and money is saved. A wide range of innovations in processes and tools have been adopted, including test automation and automated deployment suites. But we can and should do more.


Meet Anna Kelly – An Outgoing Personality with a Sensitive Soul

Careers Qualitest

Being a resourceful person, Anna is passionate about problem-solving – an attribute that propels her professional excellence as the UK People Success Manager and helps her to come up with creative solutions for various challenges.


Meet Palvesha Hakim – A Qualitest Director, and an Ardent Travel Bee!

Careers Qualitest

Palvesha, a Qualitest Director, Engineering, from Noida, India, is highly passionate, devoted to her work, and dedicated to her team’s professional growth.

Utilities performance and scale

The 6 Vital Things for Utility Companies to Consider About Performance and Scale

Load & Performance Utilities

We live in a digital world where the performance of customer-facing websites and mobile apps is more critical than ever. Here are the important areas for utility companies to consider when evaluating performance.

DevOps or Continuous Delivery

DevOps or Continuous Delivery: Which is the Way Forward?

DevOps & Agile

Continuous Deployment (CD) and DevOps are entirely different concepts, except that they only intersect in the pursuit of a common goal. If you are looking for the right answer, here it is.


Meet Alfred Smith III, a Diligent Quality Engineer and Scriptwriter

Careers Qualitest

Alfred Smith III, a Qualitest Test Engineer from New Orleans, LA, is a keen, determined, and motivated professional.

Test Automation Strategies

How to Increase Efficiency with the Latest Innovations in Test Automation Strategies

Test Automation

Here are some of the cutting-edge innovations in test automation that have made a positive impact on quality engineering and customer experience.

Pharma FDA compliance

6 Ways Pharma Companies Can Ease Compliance Burden with FDA’s New CSA Guidelines

Compliance Pharma

If you find the current guidelines for CSV stressful and time-consuming, you’re not alone. Here are 6 key tips to start easing your compliance pain immediately.