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Your Customers Can’t Wait: 6 Reasons to Prioritize Accessibility


Evaluating accessibility when developing or redesigning any software is not a choice, it’s a responsibility.


Strategic Accessibility: How to Unleash the Power of Your Browsers to Ensure Great Customer Experience


Customer experience is the single most important factor of modern businesses, and especially digital businesses. Learn how browsers can help you ensure a great UX.

Test Automation

Are You Ready for Test Automation?

Legal Test Automation

To help guide your first steps on your test automation journey, here are some top pointers on getting started.


Accessibility Means the World: Deliver a Digital World Without Barriers


Accessibility is not a nice-to-have part of the digital world but an integral and essential piece of the puzzle that makes that world, well... accessible to everyone. Accessibility testing ensures the door to your business is open to all people, including people who have disabilities.

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Why is Your Insurance App Not Popular? In Two Words – Quality Engineering

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies Insurance

To ensure the success and popularity of your insurance application, gaining your customers’ satisfaction and trust is crucial. To achieve this, your goal should be delivering a solution that can ensure users the safety and security of their data and swift and simple customer experience.

Using AI to Boost Customer Experience and Retention

The 3 Ways Insurers Can Use AI to Boost Customer Experience and Retention

Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies Insurance

It’s always cheaper to retain a current customer than to attract a new one, so here’s a summary of how you can use AI to deliver fast, accurate and fair services that will encourage your policyholders to stay.


Today’s Key SAP CRM Testing Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)


A flawed CRM application cannot perform as expected. It fails to manage customer relationships efficiently and can even impair the existing long-standing relationships with customers.

Mobile App Accessibility Testing

Enhance UX for Your ENTIRE AUDIENCE with Mobile App Accessibility Testing

Accessibility App & Web UX & Usability

Today, everyone needs access to reliable mobile apps that work easily for them, regardless of special needs. If your app development ignores accessibility, you’re making a costly mistake.

SAP testing for banks

More Than Meets the Eye: The Critical Role of SAP in Banking

Banking & Financial Services SAP

Need proof of how SAP has made an impact in the banking industry? Here are four eye-catching statistics that tell the story of this technology’s outsized impact—from its wide-scale use to recent developments in SAP testing.


Don’t Overlook These 5 Things When Choosing a Software Testing Company

Managed Testing Services Strategic Consultancy

When you know what to look for, you can get far more than just a team of experts that perform the testing you need with precision. Your organization can also find a strategic partner that will take your products to the next level.


Keep Your Business Ahead of the Competition: The Software Testing Tools That Make a Difference

Qualicoach Qualidex Qualiframe Qualihub

In a time of rising customer demands, tightening budgets, and shrinking software delivery timelines, your business needs to balance the need to produce sound, robust software with streamlined development cycles.


Performance and Beyond: Switch Right

DevOps & Agile Load & Performance

Episode 11: In this video, Leandro tackles the last switching techniques – Switch Right, also known as Shift Right, meaning implementing QA efforts after the release of software into production. This technique deals more with the Ops side of the DevOps world.

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