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Meet Karan Ahuja – An Enthusiastic Test Engineer Who Loves All Things Outer Space

Careers Qualitest

Karan's enthusiasm to learn about innovative technologies and passion to continue learning new things help him overcome every obstacle in his life.

Pharma and Healthcare in the Digital Age

Pharma and Healthcare in the Digital Age [ebook]

Digital Transformation Healthcare Medical Devices Pharma

If you’re a decision maker in pharma or healthcare, our new ebook "Pharma and Healthcare in the Digital Age" is not to be missed. This roadmap to digital health will help you navigate the challenges of healthcare’s ongoing digital transformation.

3 Steps to Successful IoT Rollouts

3 Steps to Successful IoT Rollouts

IoT UX & Usability

We’re in the middle of a quiet revolution, as more and more everyday devices achieve connectivity. The internet of things (IoT) is changing literally everyTHING. Here we identify the magic triangle necessary to achieve excellence in ‘phygital’ rollouts.

Better Digital Banking Customer Experiences Begin with Test Automation

Better Digital Banking Customer Experiences Begin with Test Automation. Here’s How to Do It Right.

Banking & Financial Services Test Automation

The banking and financial services digital experience has become crucial to customer retention and new customer acquisition. Here's how test automation can ensure digital success.

Yellow hazard sign saying Risk Ahead against a blue sky background

Cloud Migration: 3 Biggest Risks Banks and Financial Services Companies Need to Know (and How to Avoid Them)

Banking & Financial Services Cloud Cyber Security

We talked to Uri Bar-El, Qualitest’s Global Head of Cyber Security, about the risks of cloud migration for banking and financial services firms. Here’s what he had to say. This includes his advice to prioritize your people and processes over your technology.

UX, testing user experience, CX testing

Think Your UX is Top Notch? Not if You Don’t Follow These 5 Principles

UX & Usability

User experience is obviously important, but it is extremely hard to pick out which area should be tackled first to improve UX. UX expert Hava Kleiman explains the top 5 principles to follow.


Meet Orit Leibovitz – A Go-Getter who Loves Computers & Puzzle Building

Careers Qualitest

Being a person who believes in progressiveness, the primary driving factor for Orit at work and her overall career development is characterizing what she wants to be and what she intends to achieve through it.


What Makes a Good Test Manager

Managed Testing Services

In essence, a good test manager should ensure each project they work on delivers a quality outcome that delights their customer. However, that’s easier said than done and in most cases it isn’t something that comes naturally.

Hand with remote control pointing at a wall of multimedia

How Media and Entertainment Companies Can Monetize Personalized Search With Content Search Testing

Digital Transformation Media & Entertainment

Qualitest senior engineers, Deepak Kumar and Ajay Gehani, reveal how content search testing can help media and entertainment companies keep up with digital transformation and the rapid growth in personalized search.


Okta Breach by LAPSUS$ Attackers

Cyber Security

The infamous attacker group Lapsus$ has recently released numerous screenshots in its Telegram channel claiming to have gained access to Okta’s “Super Admin” and systems and claims that it found Okta storing AWS keys in Slack channels.

Quality engineering for hyper-personalization

The Crucial Role of Quality Engineering in Hyper-Personalization

Media & Entertainment Qualisense Testing of AI

Hyper-Personalization is changing the way we enjoy our leisure time. It is more advanced than traditional segmentation techniques and thus presents unique challenges to companies to ensure quality.


The Right Way to Shift Left? Start with Requirements Gathering

DevOps & Agile Education Test Automation

We all know that the earlier a defect is found, the more time and money is saved. A wide range of innovations in processes and tools have been adopted, including test automation and automated deployment suites. But we can and should do more.